Supreme Court upholds blocking DAPA and DACA II

Post date: Jun 23, 2016 7:44:13 PM

In a cowardly decision that no members of the Court had the spine to sign onto, they deadlocked 4-4 to uphold Justice Taney's -- sorry I mean -- Judge Hanen's injunction against DAPA and Extended DACA. So now millions of parents of US citizens will continue to work illegally, drive without licenses, be stuck in jobs that do not fully utilize their skills infinitum. All the while worrying that they could be swept into jail and sent away from their children through deportation.

Keeping these people in the shadows hurts us all economically. But we as a nation would rather punish them than help ourselves, even if it costs us more in long run. The GOP blocking of a Supreme Court nominee certainly didn't help matters here. It must be a strange existence when you only find success in trying to keep others down.