Jeb Bush - illegal immigration is an "act of love"

Post date: Apr 08, 2014 4:35:26 PM

Well now, that is an interesting way to start a Presidential primary campaign. The substance of what Mr. Bush is saying -- that illegal immigration is against the law, but that the venom and anger associated with the issue is out of proportion -- is entirely correct. Comprehensive immigration reform should allow for some commensurate penalties for breaking the law. Not everyone who wants to come here to live and work can be allowed to do so (legally or otherwise); yet not everyone who has come here without permission (or stayed longer than permitted) should be forced to leave. The key is to strike the right balance for the United States, its communities, businesses and families. It is not an easy task -- that is why immigration law reform is complicated and why we have a giant bureaucracy of immigration benefit adjudicators, law enforcement officers and administrative courts. Implementing this complicated system to do the most good for the most people is hard work. It could be made a little easier with the right reforms (which have been stalled by Congress since 2001).

Some would like it to be simple -- either they all must go or it might as well be considered an amnesty and they can all stay. Neither of those approaches will work to the benefit of this country. For all the faults I might find with the Bush family political dynasty -- this is one thing they seem to understand.