In New Hampshire DACA grantees eligible for SSN and State ID

Post date: Jan 19, 2013 9:22:21 PM


New - Q6: If my case is deferred, am I in lawful status for the period of deferral?

A6: No. Although action on your case has been deferred and you do not accrue unlawful presence (for admissibility purposes) during the period of deferred action, deferred action does not confer any lawful status.

The fact that you are not accruing unlawful presence does not change whether you are in lawful status while you remain in the United States. However, although deferred action does not confer a lawful immigration status, your period of stay is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security while your deferred action is in effect and, for admissibility purposes, you are considered to be lawfully present in the United States during that time.

If you experience any difficulty obtaining a social security card or a New Hampshire ID

card/Driver's license because you are a recipient of DACA employment authorization you should

contact an immigration lawyer